Well, many of us are asking is it true?
Is it possible?
How?. But I tell you it is possible. I am not talking about mmm, mlm or networking. After reading this write up, then you can give it a try

If you are student, a Corper, a worker, here is the right place for you. Here is the formular for wealth.
God+opportunities+ hardwork+smartness+packaging
=GOHSP. The business is all about VTU

There isn't much to starting up ur own VTU business with "Minitech" as it has simplified the process...all u need to do is register,fund your wallet and start ....
.will just give u the link that u will register with ..
after the registration u fund ur wallet and start transacting as easy as that....also know that when u fund ur wallet for the first time,the company deducts #500 only as membersip fee and that's the only hidden or extra charge
Don't be afraid. And I can guaranty you that you will make over #100,000 a
Many people fails to understand that, success don't just come  easily. You need to work it out, stay focus and determine to triumph irrespective of any circumstance.

VTU business is all about selling of data, airtime,cable subscription etc....and it's no longer story that it's one of the most profitable and lucrative business because it's a commodity humans who have cell phones can't do without...
To be a VTU vendor u have to register with a Telecom company...

Guess what "Minitech" is one of it's kind because it registers members for free unlike other Telecom companies....

 This is a business you can do along with other business. You can become a millionaire by having multiple streams of income. And that is why minitech is there?

Starting is very easy. You have to think beyond your imagination's. You can start easily by registering with

After that you can input your various details e.g phone number, password e.t.c

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