Making a living out of something is everyone ultimate desire. Especially doing it in a right and legitimate manner.
Are you a student , a Corpper ,a worker, a professional activist and you desire a change in your career. Here is the solution. Please say no to ponzi scheme, gambling, bribery and corruption, because it doesn’t worth it.
In this article I will show you the right and godly way to make money online. They are unique and outstanding steps on how to make money online without investing any dime
1. Taking surveys online. This method entails you to help companies in giving reviews on products. You will register on the website, check available surveys and take survey. A survey usually last for 1- 10 minutes and you can earn up to $5 per survey. So the amount you earn depends on how you can use your spare time. You can visit this website for survey.

2. Freelancing. It is an act of writing for companies in exchange for money. Companies pays you for each write up. For instance naija learn pays you a sum of #500 for each write up. You can write for those companies, and they pay you handsomely. You can also make more research on and

 3.Blogging. Been a blogger is another genuine way to make money. If you may ask, who is a blogger?. A blogger is a contributor to an online journal. All you need to do here is to be creative, think outside the box, feed your readers with something real and genuine. You can also entertain them through your writings. E.g Linda ikeji is a popular and renowned blogger who is making waves, shaking the world and transforming lives.

4. ADMOB.  Admob is yet another business to venture in 2019. What you have to do is to learn programming or meet a developer to create an app for you. Here if you have an app that people often use  and the app is monetize, then you can make money. Lets assume you have over 300 downloads and people use it often, then you can make money.

5. Online recharge card business. Now currently online recharge card business is now trailing. Because it entails you to sell recharge cards online through the use of VTU or sell data's through that same format. You can also sell gotv, dstv, my TV subscription to people through that process e.g recharge and get paid, minitec e.t.c

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